Giving Thanks: One day?

This time of year makes a person think about being grateful for the nice things he or she has in life. But why only this time of year? Why not give thanks on a daily basis for just being alive? Gratitude should not be limited to a special occasion. It’s nice to reflect on what we have and our surroundings and respond generously to those who are not as fortunate. What are your views? Are you the kind of person that shows his gratitude frequently? Or do you only take time out for this when it is required? How do you respond? ~~LMM


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9 thoughts on “Giving Thanks: One day?

  1. I totally agree with you. This time should not be any more important to giving thanks than any other. But I do think some people take this day more in perspective because you see what people are giving thanks for. For example, family, health, food and many other things it depends on how your family is. But I do believe you should give thanks every day, because you don’t only have these things for a day, and you should always be grateful for this.

  2. This is a shame. We should give thanks constantly because every day is a gift. Just waking up its a gift already. I’m the kind of person that gives thanks everyday because there are people who doesnt have the gift to have all the things that I do have. We should be grateful everyday of our lifes.

  3. You are right. We should give thanks everyday. We are blessed every day but sometimes we don’t see it. I sometimes thank God, but there are times that I don’t, because we are so used to our life we don’t see the blessings. Days like this do make us reflect on everything we have but like you said it shouldn’t be just one day. It should be always.

  4. I think that we should give thanks more often. We are so occupied with what we have today and don’t take a little time to give thanks. We should thankful with what we have because not everyone is a fortunate like us. I totally agree when you said that gratitude should not be limited to a special occasion. We have to be grateful that we live everyday you never know when will be your day.

  5. I don’t called it “Thanksgiving Day”, I called it “Turkey Day”. I mean,Hello! We have 365 days of the year to give thanks to our Lord not only one. We have to be thankful for all the things that God has given to us. Sometimes we complain about our life and we don’t see that there are people that are worse off than us. Let’s complain less and thank more.

  6. In my opinion, it is necessary because people forget to thank God.Thanksgiving is partly rather be eating turkey and being with the family. I think we should all forget that day and thank God every day of your life and think about how God gave his life for us. Because people can be so hypocritical and not give thanks all year and expect that only day to give thanks. We should all be more considerate and at least thank God who died on the cross for us.

  7. It’s true, we shouldn’t just be grateful on this holiday but always. Give thanks to everybody that is a part of your life. I try to be as grateful as I can for my family, friends and all the things that I have. You never know if you’ll have them the next day. People should be grateful always, not on a holiday only.

  8. I think that we have to be grateful every day because god gives us another day to live in this world. We must be happy because we have food to eat, a house to sleep, a family to be together and most importantly love. All this is achieved by having god with us.

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