Field Trip to Ponce: Serrallés Castle Museum


I made a simple slideshow with 4 videos that I took. Make sure your videos are public if you want to do this (and you don’t have an active YouTube account).

Field Trip Videos

I also published a related post on my professional site Teaching Tidbits:

Field Trips: The-ever-useful-teaching-tool

Looking forward to checking out what you’re doing with this assessment. ~~LMMolina



Challenges of a Military Brat

The Dawn of Transatlantic Flight | Air & Space Magazine| Smithsonian Magazine

Growing up as a military brat became the norm for me and my siblings. Moving from one military base to another during my father’s 20-year career in the army provided its challenges.

As an introvert, I had difficulty making friends. I found my “friends” in books. One of the first things I would do upon arriving in a new place was locate the local library. There were no e-books back then. I would take my time browsing through the stacks (book shelves). I was always drawn to the mystery or sci-fi section.

I can honestly say that the experience of growing up on different army posts was a unique learning adventure.

Travelling was always exciting. Travel plans would include planes, ships or trains provided by the armed forces. I had not even started school when I first boarded a plane with my mom and two younger sisters.

When travelling by ship, my sister and I had the run of the craft because my mother tended to get seasick and couldn’t leave the cabin. My father wouldn’t be around because he was always sent ahead of us.

I sometimes envied those classmates who didn’t have to deal with the military lifestyle. They had friends they knew since childhood. But then again, I got to meet new people every time my father was assigned to a new post.

Would I exchange that life for one that was more stable? I don’t know. I’ve learned so much and been exposed to many experiences that have helped me grow as a person. Living in one place for so long and only interacting with the same people might not have given me the challenges I needed to develop my full potential both personally and professionally. It also helped strengthen the bond I had with my sister who was only a year and a half younger.  Since aunts and uncles were not available 24/7, my mother relied on her two older girls to watch the younger siblings.

Soon after my father retired, I married and settled down to a relatively “quiet” life (if raising five children can be considered quiet). Do I miss the travelling from one place to another? No, I don’t think so but it was fun while it lasted because I was young and could handle it.

Military life is not the same anymore. It was and sometimes can be lonely. What makes it different now is the access we have to social media. I guess it can make one feel closer to family and friends which is always important.

What are your thoughts on the matter? How would you feel being part of a military family? Do you think it would be fun? Are you up to living a “nomadic” life? ~~LMMolina

2022-2023 English 12: The Time Keeper Presentations

The students have been very creative with their presentations of the novel The Time Keeper.

This group converted their audio into a video and uploaded it to YouTube.

Here’s the video on YouTube.

Just in case you can’t open the YouTube link when you’re in school (due to restrictions) here’s another link: Kiterature.

Thanks to the group for sharing! ~~LMMolina

2022-2023: English 12: The Time Keeper Presentations


For those working with the podcast format to present their work, here’s a sample from one of the groups in 12-Nil (click link below). Keep in mind that your ad (commercial) must be related to the content of your presentation AND adequate language should be used at all times. It’s also important to speak clearly and adjust volume level accordingly.

I will be publishing your audios on my podcast A Literary Cornucopia.

Have fun!

Podcast Episode 77

By the way, I used this group’s promo as the cover art for the episode.

2022-2023 End of the First Semester: Academic Goals Achieved

Well, we’re nearing the end of another semester.  Time seemed to go by very fast. Right?

Did you set any academic goals? If you did, what goals have you achieved?

Have you set any new goals for the coming semester? What are they?

Seniors: Next semester will be your last in this school.  I’ll let that thought sink in.  In a blink of an eye you’ll be out of here. Try to savor what you have left of this school year. It will not come around again. This is a one-time thing.

Juniors: Soon you will be next year’s Seniors. Is it too soon to think about that? I don’t think so. When it comes to important affairs, it’s never too soon.

Here’s hoping that the conclusion to the first semester 2022-2023 is a satisfactory one for all.




Re: Google Classroom/Grades Garden

Reading and Writing Task: Group and Number

Twelfth Grade:

12-Ana #8

12-PJ #8

12-Nil #7

Eleventh Grade:

11-Bre & 11-Dal #7

11-301 (A & B) #7

11-Ene #7



The old “what I did last summer” writing activity

So what did you do this past summer? Anything exciting?

I personally did a lot of reading, especially material related to this year’s upcoming courses. I also wrote and worked on my podcast. This kept me very busy.

Did you do any reading? What about outdoor activities? Mine was giving my garden a little bit of TLC. Gardening is very therapeutic. It gives the mind a chance to exercise. So I can honestly say I exercised regularly!

Care to share your thoughts on this past summer? ~~LMMolina

What should English 12 look like?

To students of 11-Jos:

It’s been an honor and a privilege being your English teacher during this tumultuous school year. My best wishes for an enjoyable summer.

Your last year of high school is just around the corner. Lots of thoughts will be swimming around in your brain. This last year, especially in the English class, should be a fruitful one. So what should your last year of high school English look like? Inquiring minds want to know!

In a post, write or record your thoughts (which ever method feels more comfortable) and then post your link in the comments section. Be sure to give your post a cool title. If possible, include a related image.

Thanks in advance for sharing! And as always, stay safe and healthy!! ~~~LMMolina